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Gingerbread Men Cookies

This vegan gingerbread men cookie recipe has quickly become one of my favorites. Free from refined sugar, dairy, as well as using wholesome ingredients, it's the perfect healthy recipe option for the end of year festivities.

By wellnesswithtaryn

Goji Dark Chocolate Tarts

Hello beautiful people! Who has chocolate cravings today? here is a guilt free dessert with natural sugars to satisfy you by the magical Mon 🙂

By Singh.monisha

Avocado, Blueberry Tarts

Have a delicious day and enjoy this yummmm recipe by the extremely talented Mon!

By Singh.monisha

Matcha and Macadamia Ice Blocks

By Organic.Ash

Matcha and Pumpkin Seed Chia Pots

I am so happy that summer is now officially on its way, I’m finding we are moving away from heavy breakfasts like porridge and toast and instead reaching for the blender for a morning smoothie or making over night chia pots.
What I love about this recipe is using the seed spreads to make seed mylk, rather than relying on store bought almond milk, all you need is a jar of your favorite seed spread or nut butter and some water. I used Vigour and Vitality's Activated Pumpkin Seed Spread in this recipe but you could use any other type, macadamia would be great, next I think I’ll try hemp.

By Organic.Ash

Watermelon Seed Cookie Fudge

Cookie dough fudge made with watermelon seed butter

By HealthyCleanHolistic

Dandelion Chia Chai Pudding

Chia puddings are ideal for the whole family - the options and flavour combinations are virtually endless. Experiment with this super seed using nut/seed mylk and herbal tea combinations, amping up the vitamin and mineral content with little extra effort! For the junior warriors, substitute nut/seed mylk for breast milk, and give from 8 months old.

By Fliss Rissetto

Berrilicious Smoothie

Keeping kids sustained with energy to play all day is easy with nutrient dense, delicious and nutritious smoothies. So easy - if you can read it you can make it.

By Fliss Rissetto

Smores Cookies (V GF)

By Anna Gregan

Cashew Cream Eggs

Happy Healthy Easter!

By Michelle Yandle